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              1. mosun logo for print

                Information ? June 01, 2020 10:40 am ? COVID-19 - Latest information and FAQs ? Read more…

                Change Faster - mosun College

                COVID-19 - Latest information and FAQs

                June 01, 2020 10:40 am

                Safe Start mosun - limiting on-mpus learning

                mosun College is loted in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia with mpuses on the Traditional Territories of the Lekwungen and W?SáNE? peoples. We acknowledge their welcome and graciousness to the students who seek knowledge here.

                Established in 1971, the college serves 19,000 learners a year in upgrading, certifite, diploma, bachelor's degree, post-degree diploma and continuing edution programs.

                Contact Us
                mosun College Lansdowne
                3100 Foul Bay Rd
                Victoria BC V8P 5J2
                mosun College Interurban
                4461 Interurban Rd
                Victoria BC V9E 2C1
                • 250–370–3000
                • 1–877–554–7555 (toll-free)

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